Executive Team

MEET THE executive team

Adama Sawadogo

Founder & Executive Director


Accounting and Finance Manager

Christophe Bassono

Coding & Information Technology Program Coordinator

Claude Ouedraogo

Program Coordinator

Suleymane Nassa

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialist

Robert Ouedraogo

Digital Innovation & Technology Manager

Marie Noelle Zinsomni

Community Health Navigator

Ibrahima Sessouma

Community Health Specialist

Shantal Mcspadden

Community Outreach & Case Management Specialist

Solange Togbey

Child and Maternal health specialist-Promocare Program

Bienvenue Ilboudo

Mental and Behavioral Health Coordinator

Akouavi Togbey

Community Health Specialist-Promocare Program

Eric Beba

Art, Dance & Music Program Coordinator

Richna Rachidy

French Language Teacher

Gracila Zagal

Early Childhood Education Specialist