Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services


Access to mental health services for African immigrants and refugees in Nebraska is challenged by language barriers, cultural taboos, and lack of mental health literacy, despite the need for professional help. Overcoming these obstacles is crucial to improving mental health outcomes and reducing disparities. Professional assistance is necessary, and it is important to strike a balance between formality and clarity in communication. It is essential to maintain the original meaning and structure of the text while ensuring grammatical correctness and precision in language use.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Mental Health First Aid is crucial for immigrants and refugees due to the challenges they face during resettlement and acculturation. Language barriers, cultural adjustment issues, discrimination, trauma, and social isolation can all impact their mental well-being. Mental Health First Aid provides individuals in these communities with the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize signs of mental distress, offer initial support, and connect individuals to appropriate resources and services. AIFS recognizes this importance and employs two Mental Health First Aid Instructors dedicated to providing training to members of immigrant and refugee communities, ultimately contributing to their overall well-being and empowerment. ● Comprehensive Mental Health First Aid training ● Cultural Competency Training for Service Providers ● Community Outreach and Awareness Campaigns ● Peers Support Groups

Social Counseling

AIFS social Counseling help our clients re-enter society and provide opportunities to actively engage in their social environment. Our social workers inform about social benefits, point out educational opportunities and offers from partner organizations. Our social counseling departments provide: ● Recording and determining the need for assistance ● Advice on social issues and placement of support offers ● Family and couples counseling, crisis intervention and mediation in family conflicts ● Group activities for children