Refugee and Immigrant Health

Refugee and Immigrant Health Program

The AIFS Refugee and Immigrant Health Program tackles health, home safety, and mental health challenges faced by African immigrants and refugees in Nebraska through a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Strategic Plan.

Healthcare Literacy and Awareness

Conduct regular workshops and seminars in the French language on healthcare literacy covering topics such as preventive care, understanding insurance, and navigating the healthcare system. Develop and distribute informational materials in French language to ensure accessibility and understanding of healthcare information. Establish partnerships with local healthcare providers to organize informational sessions and facilitate direct interactions between community members and healthcare professionals. Train and deploy bilingual community health Educators who can assist individuals in understanding healthcare processes, making appointments, and accessing necessary services.

Home Safety: Safe Home, Safe Refuge program

AIFS Home Safety Program, titled "Safe Home, Safe Refuge," is to address the specific safety needs of African immigrants and refugees in their homes. Develop and deliver Home Safety workshops tailored to the unique needs of the African Immigrant and Refugee community.

Organize workshops to cover topics such as fire safety, emergency evacuation plans, prevention of household accidents, and securing homes against potential hazards

African Community Health and Wellness Fair

The AIFS Community Health and Wellness Fair aims to address the healthcare needs of the African immigrant community in Nebraska proactively. It aims to provide a platform for access to diverse health services, screenings, and informational resources. Additionally, the fair facilitates a Cultural Diversity Health & Nutrition Gathering within the African community to promote awareness, engagement, and education on health and nutrition practices, incorporating cultural perspectives. The African Community Health Fair is held annually, in collaboration with over 20 local African Associations representing various countries, including Burkina Faso, Benin, Congo, Cameroon, Mali, Niger, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Togo, Chad, Gabon, Tanzania, Haiti, Madagascar, Uganda, Sudan, Gambia, and Kenya, aims to create a comprehensive and inclusive event that honors the richness of African heritage in our community.


The African Immigrant Family Services Traffic Safety Program educates refugees, immigrants, and non-native English-speaking Nebraska residents on automobile, bicycle, pedestrian, and child passenger safety tips. Traffic safety sessions are offered at the Community Education session once a month. Assistance with driving education ( Learning permits and driving tests) is available permanently.

Car Seat Education Program

The African Immigrant Family Services (AIFS) Car Seat Education Program is a comprehensive initiative designed to enhance child safety and reduce the risk of injuries among African immigrant expectant mothers and parenting families in the Omaha metro area. The car seat education program includes: Car Seat Checks: Certified car seat technicians conduct thorough checks to assess the installation of car seats, ensuring they meet safety standards and are properly secured in vehicles. Car seat Installation: AIFS provides hands-on assistance to parents in installing and adjusting car seats to maximize their effectiveness. Safety Education Sessions: The program incorporates educational sessions on the importance of car seat safety.